Forms + Critical Dates for Fall Semester Enrollment

*Due to COVID-19, we are planning to begin classes on August 17th. The plans for Orientation and Move-In Day are underway. We will provide you with any new information as it becomes available.

All new students have a number of forms that need to be submitted prior to arriving to campus in August. Information on new student forms is listed below. 

Form  Description Deadline Info for U.S. Students Info for International Students
First Priority – Required for everyone
New Student Form Available on your admitted student portal, please complete first. Within two weeks of enrolling Complete on Admitted Student Portal Complete on Admitted Student Portal
Additional Forms – Required for Everyone 
Immunization Record Print and give to your healthcare provider.  Healthcare providers should submit based on form instructions. 6/17/2020 Return by Mail  Return by Email 
Health History Form Print and complete. 6/17/2020 Return by Mail   Return by Email  
KnightCard Application (Prepaid Debit Account) Print and complete.  (If you do not plan to live on campus, please see instructions.)  6/17/2020 Return by Mail  Bring Completed Form in August 
Forms will be available in mid-May – Required for everyone.
Picture Submission for Your Knight Card 2020 Upload a photo (see instructions) online.  6/17/2020 Submit Online  Submit Online 
Housing Application The housing form will require you to enter your St. Mike’s login credentials. If you have recently submitted your enrollment deposit, your credentials will be issued in a few weeks. Please watch your email and continue to monitor your admission portal at . (We are a residential campus, but if you plan to live at home, please submit an email to 

6/17/2020 Submit Online  Submit Online 
IMPLICIT BIAS TRAINING Pleease send completed work to 8/14/2020 Submit Online  Submit Online 
Additional Forms – Required for Certain Students 
French & Spanish Placement Test

Required for all students who have previously studied French or Spanish.  Placement test for all other languages are administered during fall orientation.

 6/17/2020  Submit Online

Submit Online

Calculus Placement Test Required for students in most STEM majors and recommended for Exploratory and Pre-Health majors. Click here for more information. 6/17/2020 Submit Online Submit Online 
NCAA Forms Required for varsity athletes.  There are multiple forms that have additional details in the form instructions. Forms available June 1. 7/1/2020  Submit Online  Submit Online 
Textbook Ordering Complete online if you wish to pre-order your textbooks from the Campus Store.  Form opens in Early August after course assignments have been finalized.   8/15/2020  Submit Online   Submit Online 

Helpful Information to Assist in Completing New Student Forms
Housing Application New Student Housing Application Information 2020
Housing Application New Student Housing Application Roommate Matching Information 2020
Notification of Collection and Usage Notification of Collection and Usage Form will be available by mid-May.

Key Dates
June 17  ALL NEW STUDENT FORMS DUE with exception of NCAA Athletics Forms and Textbook Order Form. Though this is the deadline by which all forms are due, it is recommended that you complete forms that are available as soon as you are able.
Late June-July  Summer Advising and Course Registration Process
Week of July 27th  Housing notifications begin for First Year Students providing all forms have been submitted 
Mid-July  Receive billing information for the fall semester
Late-July  Essays from SMC community members about Common Text posted on the portal. 
Early-Aug  Summer writing assignment sent to SMC email and home mailing address for students taking the First Year Seminar in the Fall 
August 3  Receive Course Schedule 

Housing notifications begin for Transfer Students

August 31  Classes Begin