November Faculty/Staff News

By: Mark Tarnacki

George Ashline, professor of mathematics, recently gave three invited talks to different classes/groups of students at Danville High School. He presented the workshop "Exponential Functions in Snowflakes, Carpets, and Paper Folding" to a Problem Solving/Pre-Calculus class, followed by a Compound Interest lesson to a Financial Literacy class, followed by the workshop "Correlation Properties and Applications" to a Statistics class combined with a group of advanced students.

Valerie Bang-Jensen, associate professor of education, and Mark Lubkowitz, associate professor of biology, were co-presenters at several academic events this past semester. On October 19, 2013, they were plenary speakers at the Captain Planet Learning Gardens Conference in suburban Atlanta, presenting "Books in Bloom: Inviting children to develop biological and literary lenses to create rich understandings of their world." They also spoke at the 2013 Annual Convention National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) in Boston on November 23, 2013.

Valerie Banschbach, professor of biology and environmental studies, who is in India this year as a Fulbright-Nehru Senior Scholar, recently traveled south from her base at the Wildlife Institute of India in Uttarakhand, India, to give an invited lecture on October 24 as part of the weekly seminar series at the prestigious Indian Institute of Sciences, Center for Ecological Science, Bangalore (Bengaluru), Karnataka.

William F. Grover, professor of political science, gave a paper titled "Catastrophe-in Chief:  Theories of the Presidency, the State and the Political Economy," at the annual meeting of the Northeastern Political Science Association in Philadelphia, PA, November 14-16, 2013. 

Nicholas Kahm, the Henry G. Fairbanks Visiting Scholar-in-Residence, has recently published a philosophical article in the American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (fall, 2013) entitled "Divine Providence in Aquinas's Commentaries on Aristotle's Physics and Metaphysics, and its Relevance to the Question of Evolution and Creation."

Katherine Kirby, associate professor of philosophy/director of the Global Studies Program, recently was elected to be a member of the Board of Directors of the North American Levinas Society. She also has given two conference presentations in recent months: At the annual meeting of the North American Levinas Society at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, July 28-31, she presented  "Relinquishing ‘religion' for the Sake of Religion: Judgment vs. Justice." Katie also presented "TV as Gadfly: A Contemporary Call to Critique" at the NorthEast Popular/American Culture Association, at Saint Michael's College, October 25-26, 2013. 

Adrian Languasco, associate professor of modern languages/Italian, was a presenter at the International Conference on the Arts and Humanities, titled, "Bridge Across Culture, June 27-30, in Perugia Italy. The title of Adrian's presentation was: "The Beautiful Game," referring to, as he put it, "the universal sport of soccer that connects different people across continents, transcending all barriers, all borders, uniting friends and foes alike, men and women, young and old in a common bond of shared appeal and excitement."

Crystal L'Hôte, associate professor of philosophy, presented a lecture, "Memory, Moral Agency, and the Possibility of Forgiveness," on November 15, at Colgate University, where she earned her undergraduate degree.

Buff Lindau, director of marketing and communication, gave an invited talk on a panel titled "Women in Academia from the Classroom to the Executive Wing," at the University of Vermont's Women's Summit on November 13, 2013. Angela Davis was the keynote speaker for the day. She published a poem about Middlemarch in the journal George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Studies, p. 109, Nos. 24-25, October 2013, edited at Northern Illinois University.

James Nagle, associate professor of education, and Elizabeth O'Dowd, professor of applied linguistics, presented a keynote speech October 25 at the annual conference of the Massachusetts Association for Colleges of Teacher Education, at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts. Also, James presented another paper about Project CREATE at the annual conference of the Northern New England Teachers of English for Speakers of Languages (NNETESOL) at the University of Southern Maine on November 9.

John O'Meara, associate professor of physics, has been named a visiting Fellow at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia next year.  That university is sponsoring John to engage in collaborative research for a month at Swinburne.

Joan Wagner, director of community-engaged learning, presented a research paper entitled "Just and Sustainable?:  A Case Study Evaluating the Faculty-Community Relationship in an Emerging Service-Learning Partnership" at the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) conference in Omaha, Nebraska, November, 2013. Abstract: Many service-learning partnership studies rely solely on either the faculty viewpoint or the community representative perspective to assess the features and outcomes of such relationships. This qualitative study incorporated the viewpoints of both stakeholders and explored how intentional learning conversations between SL partners are critical to developing just and sustainable relationships.

Tim Whiteford, associate professor of education, presented a paper at the NNETESOL (Northern New England Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) conference at the University of Southern Maine, Gorham, on November 9. The paper was titled "My Math Counts Too." Tim also will be the Keynote Speaker at the ATMIM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts) conference at Boston University on January 9.

Bill Wilson, professor of political science emeritus and former Vice President for Academic Affairs, recently was elected to the Board of the Vermont Historical Society.

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