About Us

Mission and Philosophy

The Center for Student Diversity, Empowerment, and Community (DEC) reflects Saint Michael’s commitment to a campus and a world that values every human being, and supports and celebrates their uniqueness, experiences and contributions.  The Center contributes to the personal and intellectual development of all students.  We realize that exploring diversity and multiculturalism cannot be devoid of a historical framework or the historicity of race, class and ethnicities in a country that is arguably the most socially, racially and ethnically diverse in the world.  We also recognize that achieving diversity on campus requires more than celebrating differences or similarities.  Thus, we seek to engage, support, mentor, guide, and accompany those who identify as BIPoC, first-generation, and international students.

About the Center

We are located in Alliot 223, on the second floor. 


  • Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 10:00pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 9:00am – 12:00am

Contact Us

Services and Support

  • Connect with peer and professional staff
  • Support for international students, first-generation students, and BIPoC students
  • Request support through the Student Equity Fund for financial assistance related to growth opportunities and/or financial emergencies by contacting Sarah M. Childs or Choeden P. Lama
  • Access culturally affirming space to share experiences regarding race, ethnicity, and other identities 
  • Enjoy the opportunity to learn about and engage in various cultural, social, and academic programs and other initiatives and collaborations

Our Space

  • Comfy sofa & bean bags
  • Board games, video games, Roku TV, movies and music
  • Cultural snacks
  • Private and quiet meeting spaces
  • Computer workstations & desk areas
  • Donated textbooks and school supplies
  • Piano
  • Basic needs supply shelf (deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) 

Contact the Director and Assistant

Sarah M. Childs, Director of the Center for Student Diversity, Empowerment, and Community (DEC) & Associate Dean of Students
(802) 654-2663
Office: Alliot 223A

Pronouns: she/her/hers/ella


Choeden P. Lama, Assistant Director of the Center for Student Diversity, Empowerment, and Community (DEC) & Assistant Dean of Students
(802) 654-3236
Office: Alliot 223B

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Student Staff

More information will be posted after student staff are selected in September 2023