Undergraduate Registration

Advising and registration for the Fall 2019 semester for undergraduates in degree programs will take place March 25 through May 8.

These are the steps for registration for the Fall 2019 semester:

  • Review your degree requirements as they are explained in the catalog for the year you first enrolled at Saint Michael's.  Look at your Program Evaluation (degree checklist) on KnightVision.
  • Review the Fall 2019 Class Schedule on KnightVision ("Search for Sections," under "Registration")  This schedule will be available in early March.
  • Click on the course titles for courses you're interested in to check for prerequisites and restrictions.
  • If you have not officially declared your major or minor with the registrar’s office there may be some courses that you will want to take that will be closed to you. Before attempting to register for classes in that major or minor, complete a declaration of major or declaration of minor form. (Print the PDF form, fill it out, and submit to Registrar's Office. Paper copies are also available at the office.)

Go to your advising meeting prepared with some idea of the courses you should be taking and any questions you may have.

Make an appointment to meet with your Faculty Advisor between March 25 and April 3. After your meeting, your advisor will clear you for registration via the web. If you plan to take any classes that require the instructor’s permission to register, you should secure permission before trying to register for these classes.

Register for classes from any computer with web access using KnightVision, a web-based service available through the mySMC portal. You will not be able to register for classes until after you have met with your advisor and your advisor has cleared you for registration via the web.

Schedule for Fall 2019 Registration

Advising: March 25 - April 3

Juniors and Returning Seniors (Students must have at least 56 completed credits):

    Group 1 - April 4 (Thursday)
    Group 2 - April 5 (Friday)
    All Juniors and Returning Seniors - April 6 (Saturday)

Sophomore Students (Students must have at least 24 completed credits):

    Group 1 - April 8 (Monday)
    Group 2 - April 9 (Tuesday)
    All Sophomore Students - April 10 (Wednesday)

First-Year Students (Students with fewer than 24 completed credits):

    Group 1 - April 11 (Thursday)
    Group 2 - April 12 (Friday)
    All First-Year Students - April 13 (Saturday)

All Students:April 15 - May 8

Registration hours: 7:00am to 3:00pm

Each class has been divided into two groups on a random basis, and each group is given one day for priority registration. You will be notified about the day you have been assigned prior to academic advising.  Group assignments will be sent to your SMC Campus Box and to your SMC Email Account.  After both groups in a class have had their registration days, an additional day of registration will be open to all members of the class.

Spaces in classes will be held back and released as registration opens for each group, so there should be no disadvantage to students assigned to the group registering on the second day of registration for their class.  

Remember, the class you belong to is based on the number of credits you have completed, not the year or term you entered Saint Michael's College. You will not be able to register at times other than the times assigned to your class.

Once you have been cleared by your advisor you should be able to register when the time comes for your group.

After registering for classes you can return to KnightVision to make changes to your class selections on the days you were assigned for registration, or any time between April 15 and May 8.

Some Common Problems Students Encounter When Registering

You will get a message alerting you to the nature of the problem…

You are not eligible to register at this time, usually because…

  • Your advisor has not given you clearance (see your advisor).
  • You are not scheduled to register on this day (check with Registrar's Office).
  • There is a "hold" on your registration placed by the Student Financial Services Office, Student Health Services, or some other office (the registration program will let you know which office to contact).

There is some problem with your enrolling in a class you have chosen

  • The class has already reached its enrollment cap (see Petition Process, below).
  • You do not have one of the course prerequisites.
  • Enrollment in the class requires the instructor’s permission, and that permission is not on file in the registrar’s office. (See instructor. S/he can sign a permission form – available at the registrar’s office – or can call or e-mail the office.)
  • You may not be eligible for the class you’re selecting. Examples would be graduate-level classes or classes reserved for majors.
  • There may be a time conflict with two of the classes you have selected.  Remember to account for labs and discussion sessions, etc. 

You are trying to register for too many credits

  • You will not be able to sign up for more than four and a half courses (18 credits) at this time.

After completing the registration process, you should confirm your registration in the classes you have selected by clicking on "My Class Schedule" from the KnightVision - Academic Profile menu. You will not receive a printed schedule confirmation from the registrar's office.

Petition For Entry Into Classes With Limited Enrollment Capacity

Many class sections have an enrollment limit or "cap" that helps to ensure that the class size is appropriate for the goals of the course. Occasionally it happens that a student who needs a class or wants to take a class for a special reason may not be able to register for it because the class has reached its enrollment cap.

A few spaces in some classes have been reserved for students to request entry by submitting a written petition form. The petition is submitted to the instructor of the class on a form that is available at the Registrar's Office. On this form the student can communicate the reason for wanting to enroll in the class.  

If the instructor of the class decides to admit the student to the class, the signed petition form is sent to the registrar’s office and the student is registered for the class. Petitions may be submitted at any time during the registration process.

There is helpful information on registering for classes by KnightVision here.

If you experience problems logging into the mySMC Portal you can contact the IT Helpdesk at ithelp@smcvt.edu or 654-2020.

If you have any other questions please contact the Registrar’s Office at 802.654.2571 or Founders Hall, Room 112.

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