Criminology Learning Outcomes

Criminology majors will have met all of the following Learning Outcomes upon graduation:


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the criminal justice system and the communities affected by it
  • Engage in critical thinking about justice, inequity, and public safety in the U.S. and globally as demonstrated through written and oral communication
  • Develop proficiency in articulating the main debates within the current literature in Criminology as well as emerging and innovative approaches to addressing crime

Skills and Knowledge

  • Conduct and create an original research project
  • Analyze theories of crime, justice, and race and evaluate how and to what extent criminal justice practices are influenced by these theories
  • Effectively communicate through written assignments and oral presentations proposed solutions to common questions and issues within criminology and justice studies


  • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired through the Criminology major to service, restorative approaches to criminology, and to principles of social justice and human dignity through coursework, an internship, and a senior capstone course
  • Demonstrate the qualifications and experience needed for employment, law school, or graduate education
  • Articulate and implement post-graduation career and learning goals