French Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the major, French students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively and appropriately through speaking and writing in the target language at the high intermediate or advanced level* in a wide range of situations: including daily usage in a domestic or international setting; educational environments, from study abroad to graduate school; and general professional contexts. *Proficiency levels based on guidelines established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
  • Read, discuss with others, and indepently explore significant works of literature and other forms of cultural production in the target language, while being attentive to their historical contexts, their overall significance, and their continued relevance.
  • Examine and produce coherent analyses of cultural and literary topics through research and critical reflection, demonstrating relevant use of textual evidence and documentation.
  • Produce accurate, well-crafted written work and polished public speaking using the results of their own research and the research of others.
  • Reflect on the values of the cultures they have studied and been immersed in, and be able to draw reasoned comparisons to their own culture on important topics.
  • Apply their advanced language abilities, cultural knowledge, and intercultural competency to pursue professional opportunities or graduate studies — in the United States or in a country where the target lanuague is spoken.
  • Use the language to enrich their lives.