International Relations Learning Outcomes

The recipient of a B.A. in International Relations must have knowledge of:

  • Key concepts in political science/international relations and the study of politics and power/the ways that power is acquired and used globally
  • Traditions of Western and non-Western political thought
  • Comparative politics
  • Institutions and history of American government
  • International and global politics and how state and non-state actors interact
  • Political and economic differences between states
  • Methods used by political scientists/international relations scholars to pose and answer questions
  • Knowledge of political geography and current events
  • Understanding of the relationship between personal ethics, individual decisions and public outcomes in the national, international, and global spheres
  • Reading and questioning original research and theoretical writings
  • Presenting a logical argument and justifying a position
  • Making an oral presentation
  • Ability to produce the following: research paper; opinion paper; personal reflection and analytical essay; and analysis or summary of original scholarly literature
  • Ability to identify and use primary and secondary source material