Seth Cole ’01

I wouldn’t have had the career I’ve had were it not for the experiences St. Mike’s gave me, from what I learned as a Journalism and Mass Communication major to connections I made during that time. I appreciated the constant “going above-and-beyond” by faculty and staff, particularly the effort that they made to help me find employment.

Right after graduation I took an internship at Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC), thanks to connections from the college. I’ll never forget when I was offered the position, that St. Mike’s athletics staff encouraged me, saying, “Seth, you have to take this position, it’s a once in lifetime opportunity.”  I’m forever thankful they did that. From that nine-month position I went to an internship with USA Hockey in Colorado Springs, then came to the Saint Michael’s sports information director job. I spent eight years in that position.

Saint Michael’s helped me become a better communicator, particularly with younger students at the school or with fellow teachers, parents and other technology educators. It’s such an important skill and something I’m glad the college emphasizes in the curriculum.

It’s really hard to think of anything I didn’t like about Saint Mike’s and its location. The campus was cozy and friendly, safe as can be, and in 10 minutes you’re down in a thriving metropolitan area right on a beautiful lake; or you can experience a different country by just driving an hour north. I’ve never talked to somebody who said, “I really didn’t like Burlington.”

Being a varsity student-athlete provided me with an immediate network of more than just baseball teammates but close friends. It was a chance to extend my playing career from high school four more years, and then I had the chance to give back as head coach from 2006-08.

I support the college now because I owe my entire career to my experience at Saint Michael’s. I was very fortunate to receive financial help as a student, which means plenty of people who came before me allowed me to become part of the Saint Michael’s family. Now, any small gift from me might help allow someone else to become part of this amazing family.