Elizabeth Pacy, M.Ed. ’19

Elizabeth Pacy

What exactly are you doing now that you have graduated from Saint Mike’s?

I did my master’s program at St. Mike’s while working as a third grade classroom teacher at Summit Street School in Essex Junction, VT. As a teacher, I knew I needed to expand my knowledge base, specifically around literacy instruction, so I decided on St. Mike’s to focus on literacy and get my reading specialist endorsement. Since graduating from the MED program, I have been continuing to work as a second grade teacher and I have been very fortunate to come back to St. Mike’s and teach some literacy courses in the MAT program, as well as undergraduate seminar for student teachers.

Why did you choose to return to SMC?

After graduating I was lucky enough to be asked by some of the faculty in the MAT program to teach a summer course around using multi-sensory strategies to support developing readers. While I love teaching elementary school, it has been such an amazing experience to work with practicing and emerging educators.

Is there a specific experience from SMC you had that really resonates with you to this day?

There isn’t one specific experience, but both the undergraduate and graduate education departments at SMC are special places. It has been such a privilege to be a part of these departments as a both a student and a staff member. I have found it to be such a supportive, inclusive learning environment.

Career-wise, are you exactly where you imagined you’d be, or did things change after graduation?

I feel like I am one of those rare people that is doing exactly what I imagined I would be doing. I am lucky to be part of an amazing school community at Summit. I guess I didn’t expect to be teaching college courses, so that has been a surprising and amazing opportunity. I have really enjoyed working with educators in this capacity. I am also very excited to have another student teacher from St. Mike’s in my classroom next year.

What aspects of the M.Ed program prepared you most for your post-grad success?

I loved all parts of my MED experience, but probably two things stick out for me the most in my post-graduation success. First, the amazing faculty and peers I had throughout the program. I am still in touch with many of them and Vermont is lucky to have them working in their schools. Second, was completing my reading specialist practicum and having that hands-on experience in my own classroom.

Do you have any advice for current students who are thinking about enrolling in the program?

St. Mike’s is such a great place to complete a master’s program, but especially for practicing teachers. You will have the opportunity to meet some incredible people and really think about refining and growing your practice.