Kate Anderson ’14

Since sixteen, Kate Anderson ’14 has been determined to work in an Olympic capacity. She realized her dream while watching the 2008 Olympics, when U.S. Swimmer Michael Phelps won by one one-hundredth of a second in the men’s 100-meter butterfly.  ” I just had this feeling of pride and happiness and excitement. I thought ‘I want to feel like this all the time.’ And now I do feel like that all the time!”

From that moment on, Anderson has concentrated on gaining experience in the industry. “I never wavered in that” she admits, saying that it is rare not to dither between possible career opportunities. “All of my internships, everything I’ve done has really been aimed at getting into that field.”

After graduating in 2014, Anderson moved to Florida for the summer before returning home to Minnesota.  Her plan of action upon returning home was to work in retail to save money, but destiny interfered. “I found this job (Athletics Coordinator) 15 minutes before it closed online. I sent in my resume, and the guy who is now my boss called me the next day. We totally hit it off on the phone. He said ‘I want you to come to Utah, I want to meet you in person’. He offered me the job right then and there when I came into the office.”

In her position as the Athletic Coordinator for the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association, Anderson has various responsibilities. She is involved in administration work, assists with competition when necessary, and is the young ambassador for Team USA for The Youth Olympics. Anderson is also involved in community engagement with the team members of the USSA.  Her job includes encouraging these athletes to live for more than just winning by helping them discover their passion outside of sports to “use their platform and visibility in the community to do some good”.’

Reflecting on her four years at Saint Michael’s College, Anderson contributes her personal growth and career development to her interactions with faculty. “Collaboration is huge. I felt like I could go talk to my professors and they didn’t talk down to me. I felt like we were on the same playing field; if I needed help they’d help me out.”

As an alumna, Anderson continues to interact with Saint Michael’s College and its community. “I donated this year and also hosted an event during alumni appreciation week out here in Park City. We actually have a lot of St. Mike’s alums in the Salt Lake/ Park City area”.

In addition, Anderson stays in contact with the Office of Career Development as a resource for anyone who is interested in either moving to Utah or working in the sports industry. “I realized how lucky I am that I got this job with zero connections and without having a foot in the door whatsoever. If I can be a resource to make that process any easier, I would love to be”.