Trevor Owens ’17

Trevor Owens ‘17 credits his academic and professional success to the myriad of liberal arts opportunities he was afforded while attending Saint Michael’s College. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Trevor bridged two passions, art and frontier technology, by founding a platform that enabled artists and art galleries to drive mobile commerce through virtual reality. With this experience as a launching off point, Trevor joined a financial sponsors group at JP Morgan and led the team’s business development efforts. In this role Trevor further developed his sourcing experience and networks within the alternative investment industry.

Trevor is currently employed as a business development manager at Thomas H. Lee Partners, a private equity firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. In this role, Trevor helps direct the firm’s deal sourcing efforts as they invest in companies in the field of automation. “I love meeting with founders and executives and learning more about the companies that they lead,” he says, “I feel quite blessed to be in a position where I am able speak to individuals at the forefront of their respective industries everyday and help facilitate further growth by connecting them to our firm’s strong operating capabilities.”

When reflecting on his academic journey at Saint Michael’s College, he fondly recalls the eye-opening experience of taking Buddhism In the Environment, taught by Professor Robert Lair. According to Trevor, this experience has helped him to increase his own personal mindfulness. “Tying in a deep grounding and understanding of mindfulness was so refreshing to me,” he says, “the class and Professor Lair’s instruction was such a game changer as it taught me how to bring mindfulness and empathy into all facets of my life. Every day I am enveloped in the field of automation. This class taught me how to productively connect an understanding of the self with dynamic technological advancement. It is hard to imagine having the opportunity to experience such a revelatory class at a place other than Saint Mikes.”

Looking back on his 4-year journey of growth and self-discovery, the tight-knit community at the College is treasured as his dearest recollection. “Some of my greatest friends I met were from Saint Mike’s. The College fosters this community that is unlike any other. Even after graduation, it stays with you.”