Zach Wise-Copland ’20

Zach Wise-Copland

Major: Computer Science

What do you do now?

I am currently the NetSuite Application Developer at RSM US, LLP.  I work on the customization of ERP/CRM products and services, more specifically, Oracle’s NetSuite product.

How did your academic experience at Saint Michael’s College help prepare you for your career?

The many computer science courses that I took throughout my time at Saint Michael’s College helped me understand programming language structure, software development procedures and hardware mechanisms and components to prepare me for the CS workforce. Even though I have been working with JavaScript before my time at Saint Michael’s College, the courses helped me gain a broader knowledge of computer hardware and software as a whole to benefit me in my career.

What is your favorite memory or class from your time studying at St. Mike’s?

E-commerce would definitely be my favorite class. I already had a fairly good knowledge in web programming languages (HTML, JavaScript, PHP & CSS) but Professor Pangborn saw that and gave me more readings and assignments so I would not just be twiddling my thumbs in class but rather going beyond the course curriculum to get a deeper understanding of the web languages.