Lisa Bresler, MAT ’13

Lisa Bresler

What are you doing now that you have graduated from Saint Mike’s?
I am currently teaching art to K-8 students at Charlotte Central School as well as the President of the Vermont Art Educators Association.

What made you choose SMC?
The professors and the hands on experience for art education. It is hard to find good classes for art educators that actually apply to what we do in our own classrooms. One of the former professors, Jonathon Silverman, could take a class of all types of educators and make us all find something of value for our class as well as learn and understand each other’s perspectives. I took every class I could get taught by him.

Is there a specific experience from SMC you had that really resonates with you to this day?
SMC made me twice the teacher I was prior to going. Through high quality classes and curriculum to meet other art educators, I learned so much. I credit my experience of SMC to who I am as an educator today as well as a leader of art education in our state.

Career-wise, are you exactly where you imagined you’d be, or did things change after graduation?
I don’t think I knew I would become a leader in our state for the Vermont Art Educators Association. I knew I wanted to get more involved, but I think meeting my professors and other art educators as colleagues furthered that adventure.

What aspects of the MAT program prepared you most for your post-grad success?
Continuing my own education forever. I seek out new research and know where to find it. I feel like my professional writing has gotten better and I feel confident as an educator.

Do you have any advice for current students who are thinking about enrolling in the program?
SMC produces some fantastic educators. Between everything you will learn, it will connect you to other educators that will create a lifelong opportunity for you.